Nutritious and Healthy with Diverse Uses

The New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative processes fresh New Zealand Cassis immediately after harvesting and turns them into high-quality nutrient-rich products such as juice concentrate, powder, frozen fruit (IQF), and puree. These are the raw materials used and preferred by nutraceutical manufacturers, food and beverage makers, chefs, and bakers around the world who are looking to include a nutritious and healthy berry in their products. In Japan, manufacturers such as Meiji Seika, Suntory, Asahi Beverages, Kagome, Otsuka Foods, and Itoen use New Zealand Cassis in their products.

The dark color, rich flavor and fragrant characteristic of New Zealand Cassis can be used for various purposes either on their own, or by combining with other fruits and ingredients if required. New Zealand Cassis always delivers improved nutrition to any product. New Zealand Cassis is served up in health supplements, juices, jams and compotes, breakfast cereals, muffins, cakes, pies, yogurt, and ice cream as well as various candies. However, the possibilities with New Zealand Cassis are unlimited.

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